If ‘Murica doesn’t feel the Bern

Our freedom of speech lacks freedom of opinion in social settings. Hence why I avoid controversial topics that interest me. Rolling Stone’s “How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable” by Matt Taibbi, gave me an excuse to express my sincere thoughts on Trump. Is it sociably unacceptable to say you love Bernie or hate Trump? No, but that doesn’t mean that your friends won’t disown you if they think differently.

We lack acceptance. I can’t tell you the amount of arguments I have witnessed on social media that end in a broken friendship. Senior year of high school, my best friend didn’t speak to me for a month because I disagreed with one of her tweets and called her out on it, imagine if I would have told her I was a Trump supported– WHICH I AM NOT. However, Taibbi might be.

At first I thought that Taibbi was trying to remain unbiased. Now I can’t help but think he was justifying Trump’s credibility the entire time. He might not entirely support Trump, but he does think he’s above the other Republican candidates. Taibbi is the problem with this election. Giving Donald Trump coverage is feeding his ego. Rand Wilson, an activist for the Bernie organization, said that some union workers have only heard of Bernie because he’s a socialist and have no knowledge about his campaign; but, they have heard about Trump. If journalists diverted the attention and wrote articles about the other candidates, do you really think Trump would continue this nonsense?

Donald Trump loves attention. The man asked President Obama for his birth certificate, does he really believe that someone would be President without the government knowing his birthplace. Then again, Donald Trump is running for president.

Attention-loving Tump has been featured on many TV shows aside from his own. A year ago, if you asked someone who Trump was they would say “a celebrity businessman.” All of a sudden he’s the politician that “will make America great again.” “He knows show business,” said Taibbi, he also points out the relation between his love for women and involvement in beauty pageants, his love for fame relating to his TV show and his love for power, which led him to being our potential President. He knows how to put on a show, how to make people addicted to it and he knows how to utilize it to his advantage without the public noticing it.

Matt Taibbi amplifies the comparisons between Hitler and Trump by saying that if Stephen Hawking and Donald Trump were to be jailed together, Trump would remain Trump and “Hawking would come out on Day 365 talking about models and football.” Hitler knew how to obtain peoples attention, which is why he had so many followers. Trump also has this ability. You can see that Taibbi’s attitude toward Trump changes as the story goes on. At first he calls Trump’s routine the “Mussolini routine,” later he justifies Trumps allegations as to why he’s the best candidate by saying things like “Trump found the flaw in the American Death Star” and “he is the first to realize the weakness in the system.”

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio deserve better treatment from the media. I don’t know much about them, but I assume that they worked hard for what they have obtained and didn’t just get it from Daddy Trump. Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush are legacies with advantages. Trump says that Clinton is “receiving a fortune from a lot of people” which strengths his campaign that is all about paying for his own fundings and not utilizing the people’s money. According to Trump, the fact that that George Bush lied before the war saying that Iraq had WMDs and cost the government $2 trillion for nothing. But Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders aren’t legacies.

I never knew it was acceptable to give each candidate a mean name. Thanks to Matt Taibbi I know a new form of journalism, one that suits my inner style more.


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