freedom of speech that’s what

If I had the opportunity to choose who I work for it would be Rolling Stone. Although it’s good to work for a magazine that’s well known, my reasoning exceeds its fame. While former employees claim the magazine is a sinking ship on, I consider Rolling Stone one of the smartest magazines when it comes to obtaining the publics attention. Rolling Stone is controversial. To critics, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s face as the cover of their issue was a terrible, degrading idea. In some way it is terrible, but when you see it from a publisher’s perspective it was the right way to get people’s attention. An incident that hurt our nation was exposed. Aside from what the news covered the first two weeks, I for one wasn’t informed about the subject. As the press you want the public to respond, every now and then Rolling Stone shakes its audience. I want to be part of a magazine that knows what sells. 

People, as well as organizations, lose their purpose as they grow. But Rolling Stone remains relevant. Rolling Stone was primarily a music magazine, now it covers pop culture, investigative reporting and politics. Celebrities also change over time. Jennifer Lawrence’s personality went from “I am a regular girl” to “I now have a different lifestyle but I’m still going to claim I’m like other girls.” Us regular girls have a job at our local mall, J.Law no longer qualifies for this role. There’s a point where you can’t preserve the ideals you started with because of how broad your audience is. Even small publications like Paste Magazine broadened their content, so why do people punish Rolling Stone for covering other things besides music?

Incidents like the Britney Spears cover when she was 17-years-old and the publics reaction to Janet Jackson’s breasts covered with two hands says more about the readers than it does about Rolling Stone itself. The magazine is as liberal as can be. I would not want to work for a publication that limits my writing from having any emotions. I want to evoke feelings in the people who read my articles, whether it’s anger or happiness, I want them to feel. I want to work for a magazine that has a voice and stands by it. A consistent magazine that impacts the reader. I choose Rolling Stone as an example because they write about interesting current events while remaining consistent.


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