Deep Thoughts On Magazine Writing

Magazine writing is full of life. When I have to write an article for my Intro to News Writing class I’m a penguin (also known as a bird with wings that can’t fly). I have a personality. I want to fly but news writing weights me down. You tell me I can’t describe a house fire as terrifying because I don’t have a witness that referred to it as such. I am sorry, but any fire is terrifying. Oh— I can use terrifying photos that show a young girl running naked but I can’t say it was a terrifying moment.

Magazine writers as well as news writers have written articles that hurt people. Magazine writing is personal. It’s based on biased research done to prove a point. Writing for a newspaper means you have to get every detail correctly, no personal input and even the smallest wrong use of one tiny word could end your career. People rely on newspapers, it’s like reading what will be aired on News 1 later in the afternoon; however, although news writing has to be done in a rush, news anchors aren’t judged as harshly if they make a mistake.

Making readers feel like they are there part of the crime scene is hard when you can’t use first person. Evoking emotions is even harder when you have to shorten what you witnessed into one very long sentence.

News writing makes me want to be an English major. As a journalist I hoped to write short books on interesting topics that are overlooked by the mass media. As a journalist I hoped to change the world for those with similar believes. Maybe I am the Stalin of news writing— in a bad but brilliant way, not like a Hitler Stalin.



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